Cloud Hosting Deployments

 As Cloud Computing becomes main stream the IT industry is seeing a myriad of new vendors’ and solutions. Each vendor has a definition of what cloud computing is that matches their products and solutions. From private, public, and hybrid clouds consultants understand the key characteristics of the different cloud computing deployment options along with each option’s benefits and challenges. Each deployment option requires IT organizations to adjust current working processes along with established technologies. Our consultants can show you the steps necessary to move to each cloud deployment option.

Cloud Hosting Benefits:

  •  Use computational power and storage space from a third-party service providers lowering demand for additional servers in your data center
  •  Reduce the number of applications deployed in your data centers by using similar applications hosted by SAAS providers
  •  Optimizing the consumption of electricity by reducing the number of servers in your data center
  •  Cloud Hosting and Virtualization are strategies that go a long way in reducing your energy-dependency

Cloud Hosting Considerations:

  •  Understanding the key characteristics of private, public, and hybrid clouds
  •  Standards affecting cloud computing deployment choices
  •  How to integrate cloud computing into existing infrastructure and processes
  •  Deciding which cloud deployment option is right for your organization
  •  Evaluating costs of private versus public cloud deployments

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